Chapter Spending

Central Oklahoma Quail Forever 89er Chapter #3011


Habitat projects – a total of over $75,000 spent to generate more than $179,000 worth of projects:

  1. Our very first project! A donation of $4,000 that created (with matching funds) an $8,000 habitat improvement project on Packsaddle Wildlife Management Area, Ellis County, Oklahoma (Removed Old World Blue Stem and replaced 50 acres of native grasses in Ellis County, Oklahoma on the Packsaddle public hunting area along with removing 3.77 miles of fencing that allows more even cattle grazing distribution and easier hunter access). The area today is a living, breathing bonanza of beautiful quail habitat with active quail coveys on the property.

  2. Habitat donation of $20,000 for the purchase of a Marshall Tree Saw attachment for use on wildlife management areas in the Southwest Region.

  3. Habitat donation of $8,000 to Cross Timbers Wildlife Management Area, Love County, Oklahoma. Cedar eradication is an important issue for this area. The money donated will generate an approximate $32,000 project to purchase an offset disc necessary to create and maintain firebreaks to facilitate prescribed burns along with restoration of native grasses and shrubs in areas that need it. This will impact most, if not all, 10,282 acres.

  4. Habitat donation of $4,200 for the purchase of 2 v-cutter attachments, transfer pump & water tender. One v-cutter will be based at the SW Region office and will be used for upland wildlife habitat enhancement on region WMA’s to remove eastern red cedar, red-berry juniper and other invasive species. The primary focus will be on improving nesting and brood rearing habitat, while maintaining a proper brush component. The second v-cutter and the water tender for prescribed burning will be maintained at Sandy Sanders WMA, but will also be available for use on all other region WMAs. A 2” transfer pump with suction and delivery hoses will be added to the burn unit based at Sandy Sanders and also available for use on all WMA’s. (Sandy Sanders – 29,766 acres, Altus-Lugert – 3,600 acres, Ft. Cobb – 3.500 acres, Mountain Park – 5,400 acres, and Hackberry Flat – 7,120 acres).  This equipment has already been shared between the 5 WMAs and already affected 500+ acres in removing eastern red cedar and red-berry juniper. They are very excited for the many years of use this equipment will allow for them to utilize for habitat conservation!

  5. Habitat donation $2,175 to ODWC for Cooper and Fort Supply WMAs to provide for the purchase of a V-cutter grapple bucket attachment and the completion of a portable fire suppression skid unit. Both will help to eradicate Eastern Red Cedar and help utilize prescribed burning for managing and improving habitat for wildlife for not only Cooper and Fort Supply, but be used for the NW region and Western OK.

  6. Donation of $1,000 to the Drummond Flats NAWCA Phase 1 acquisition in north central Oklahoma. The Drummond Flats WMA was purchased in 2006 through a coalition of numerous partners including Quail Forever (& our chapter) and consists of 4,653 acres. It has since become a favorite destination for both hunters and birders due to the mix of both wetlands and upland habitat.

  7. Burn equipment purchase of $6,185 to be used on Beaver WMA as part of ODWC quail research project, Beaver County, Oklahoma. Another recent purchase that will be used for many years and exciting to see that it is already being used for habitat management at Beaver River WMA, 2 units that total 26,844 acres. The equipment has already assisted with several burns at Beaver River, Cooper and Packsaddle WMAs. The equipment could potentially assist with any of the WMAs in the NW Region and the north WMAs in the SW Region. The possible list:  Beaver River, Optima, Rita Blanca, Schultz, Cooper, Ft. Supply, Cimarron Hills, Cimarron Bluff, Canton and Packsaddle, Ellis and Black Kettle.

  8. Habitat donation of $5,000 to Cross Timbers Wildlife Management Area, Love County, Oklahoma (our most recent donation). The purpose of this project is to purchase 12,500 sand plum seedlings to replace fescue and Bermuda grasses prevalent in the WMA, essential for improving quail populations. The money donated will generate an approximate $20,000 project.

  9. Donated nearly $14,600 to date to purchase and outfit prescribed burn trailers for the Oklahoma Prescribed Burning Association to be used to conduct burns statewide through local burn associations.

  10. Donated $833(in conjunction with 3 other chapters) for the purchase of a disk harrow for use on the Honobia Creek and Three Rivers WMA’s in southeastern Oklahoma. This project will include habitat research to determine the effects on quail in timber production areas when fire is not a component of the management. Strips will be disked in between pine planting row to generate forb and native plant growth beneficial to quail that would otherwise come as the result of prescribed burning in other areas. The combined total of acres between these two WMA’s is over 300,000 though the acres affected will be limited by the age and amount of clear-cuts on the two areas.

  11. An additional donation of $5,000 was made to Cross Timbers WMA in September of 2015 for an additional sand plum planting.

  12. Donated $3000 to ODWC for the purchase of an equipment trailer to haul equipment for habitat manipulation at

    the Grady County WMA and Lexington WMA.

  13. Donated $2875 to purchase burn equipment for Hackberry Flat WMA in Southwester Oklahoma. This equipment will be used throughout the Southwest region.

  14. A $2500 donation to Cross Timbers WMA for the purchase of a Skid Steer and attachments to control and maintain woody plants.


    Research projects – a total of $2750 donated for research not including time spent:

  1. Donation to the Cross Timbers Experimental Range in north central Oklahoma

  2. Donations to the OSU Game Bird Research Fund in Stillwater

  3. Assisted and provided food for OSU/ODWC quail research bird survey from 2012 to 2014 on both Packsaddle WMA and Beaver WMA as part of a long-term quail study.

  4. Participated in the Timber Land Quail Hunt and Data Collection in SE Oklahoma in 2015 and 2016


    Youth Education, Events & Shooting – over $14,000 spent on youth:

  1. Host & Funded 9 yrs of annual youth education shoots free to participants that includes shooting clays, shells, safety instruction lunch and Quail Forever Focus on Forever magazine memberships

  2. Hosted the 2014 Whistlerfestat the Arcadia Conservation and Education area which introduced youth to a variety of outdoor activities including archery, fishing, beekeeping, and bird dog training

  3. Donations to the Oklahoma Youth Hunter Education Challenge OKYHEC

  4. Donations to Pass it On, Outdoor Mentors Program

  5. Sponsor scholarships to the Leopold Education Project (LEP) annual conference

  6. Donation to the ECU Shooting Team competition

  7. Donation to the NOC Shooting Team competition

  8. Forever Shooting Sports Youth Program

  9. Donations of $730 and $740 to the Luther FFA Shooting Team

  10. Donation of $500 to the No Child Left Indoors Initiative in Oklahoma in 2016

    How do you put a value on youth education and outreach? It’s priceless! We have reached out to and/or supported nearly 3000 kids since the beginning.


    Public Awareness Education, Events & Shooting – a total of $6385 spent:

  1. Host & Funded 5 yrs of annual military appreciation family shoot and picnic free to participants that includes lunch – reaching more than 300 military & family.

  2. Hosted Wounded Warrior Quail Hunt

  3. Donated to the Quail Forever Legislative Action Fund: 2013 & 2014

  4. Help fund Lesser Prairie Chicken (LPC) Ranch Conversation seminars held by the High Plains RC&D Council

  5. Donation to the South Eastern Quail Study Group meeting held at Quartz Mountain in southwestern Oklahoma

  6. Donation to the Red River Quail Symposium hosted by Fred Guthery of Oklahoma and Dale Rollins of Texas

  7. Donation to the South Eastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

  8. Donation of $750 to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Upland Game department for the publication of the upcoming Quail Crop Seed Identification guide that will benefit both hunters and landowners interested in managing for quail.

  9. Donation of $500 to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife for the Veteran Licensing program.

  10. Became the $1000 Platinum Sponsor for the 1st Annual Oklahoma/Texas State Habitat Convention


    Thanks to your generous contributions, over $96,500 Total dollars have been spent generating more than $186,000 in projects, education, research and public awareness in just 10 years!                                                             

Rev. 5/16